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When it comes to website planning there are at least five key items to consider when coming up with your website blueprint. If you make sure to take time to think through these five things your chances for creating a successful website increase exponentially.

  • Determine the goals for your website. What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Pinpoint your target audience and try to understand what their interests are. How can you provide them with the valuable information they are looking for?
  • What will your call-to-action be? Determine what you want your website visitors to do once they land on your site.
  • Figure out how you will get your readers to easily navigate through your site in order for them to complete your call-to-action.
  • Create a list of keywords that you will use throughout your site in order to move your web pages up the ranks of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

  • There are obviously more things that you need to think through when developing your website, but many of those have to do with your own personal objectives. The five keys above are universal to all websites. If you take the time to think through these items you will definitely set yourself (or your business) up for success. Now let’s take a look at each of these five items individually.

    Innovative web design

    If you have never had a website, have a look at our web design guide. There you will find features and techniques that one needs to know before planning to develop one.

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    Custom graphic design

    If your company needs high quality graphic design you can check our portfolio that in includes logo design, brochure, business cards, web design and others available at affordable prices.

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    Web based content manager

    With Smooth Step CMS you will be able to edit your website content easily without having any knowledge about programming involved.

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    Professional SEO marketing

    We analyze the competition and optimize to attract as many targeted visitors as possible.

    After site is fine-tuned we promote it on the internet increasing targeted traffic.

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    Innovative web applications

    Applications provide variety of custom online services such as database driven product search.

    We offer web based applications for ecommerce, real estate and other business websites, client databases, link directories, weather stations etc...

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    Quality web hosting

    Hosting quality is very important to overall website's performance because server is directly responsible for service speed and availability.

    Slowly working websites tend to have lower search engine ranking.

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    Effective CMS solution

    Software is designed to update your website online. Basic installation allows organizing site's navigation menu, add more pages, text and pictures.

    Extra plugins add more functionality such as automated blog, product listings and much more...

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    Flexible DB manager

    Database management software is developed to manage client/product listings, stock and user accounts.

    Due to its flexible architecture we can modify database fields, provide custom tables and functions.

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    Need a Professional Website??

    If you are thinking to build a website or renew already existing one, please visit our contact page, fill the form there specifying your requirements and we will be glad to develop it. Our web design studio is located in Costa del Sol, Southern Spain.

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